What We Do

JOM – What We Do

  • There are 32 Protestant Churches involved in Jail Outreach Ministry (JOM).
  • There are 280 Protestant Volunteers from those Churches.
  • There are many other Volunteers from the Catholic, Jewish, Muslim and other Faiths.
  • There are 48 Catholic Churches involved in JOM.
  • There are over 100 volunteers working in the Jail, office, liturgy and outreach.
  • Seasonal projects include many more volunteers.

Catholic Church involvement includes:

  • Knights of Columbus
  • Manressa Interns
  • Seminarians from Orchard Lake
  • Retreat Centers
  • Jesuit Novices
  • Chaldean

Jewish involvement includes:

  • 4 Rabbis volunteer; 2 come out regularly.
  • Others are on call when needed.

Islam Involvement includes:

  • 1 Imam assures the needs of the Muslim Inmates.
  • 3 volunteers

Other Religious Presence for which no numbers are available:

  • Christian Scientist
  • Hindu
  • Buddhist
  • Jehovah Witness – 3 volunteers and 2 are regular visitors to the jail.

JOM – Jail -What we do

  • Conduct services at the Oakland County Jail to those speaking:
    1. English
    2. Spanish
    3. Arabic
    4. Vietnamese
    5. Chinese
    6. Certain Indian dialects
  • Individual visitation, counseling
  • Offer hope and encouragement

JOM Outreach – What We Do


We provide for the immediate needs of the inmates while incarcerated or upon release, and for the needs of families of the incarcerated.
We serve Victims, Offenders and families of both.

Current Outreach Activities:

  • Answering phone calls (emergency and non-emergency)
  • Directing calls where they belong:
    • Coordinate with Jail Chaplains Office, Jail Counseling etc.
    • Client intake
    • Accounting/Billing


  • Assisting newly released inmates from jail:
    • We provide access to phones, bus tickets, food (McDonald’s Books), clothing, and other resources.


  • Assisting the families of the incarcerated:
    • Obtaining ID, housing, birth certificates
    • Provide for hygiene and other personal needs
    • Overcoming emergency shut-offs, car repairs, gas cards (appointments and employment), and food.
    • The needs are growing for prescription co-pays, medicine, ointment, eyeglasses, and dental.


  • Coordination of annual activities/events:
    • Orientation – March
    • Manresa Interns
    • Seasonal Projects
      • Thanksgiving
      • Christmas at the jail
      • Christmas at Outreach
      • Easter
      • Backpack and School Supplies
      • Summer Camp


  • Provide access to resources:
    • Lighthouse, Salvation Army, OLSHA, United Way (211)’ STVDP Society
    • Housing: Low income housing, ¾ houses, rehab facilities, utility shut-off assistance programs
    • Other resources: attorneys, crisis response, info and referral, and jail emergency