Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jail and Outreach Ministry?

  • JOM is a non-profit organization
  • JOM is an all-inclusive jail ministry serving the Oakland County area.
  • JOM helps all individuals affected by crime.
  • JOM works directly with the Oakland County Sheriff.
  • JOM maintains the Oakland County Jail Chaplaincy.

What is the mission of JOM?

  • To empower individuals effected by crime
  • To provide all individuals with human dignity.
  • To ensure individuals in the community are afforded care.

Who are the people JOM helps?

  • JOM helps all individuals affected by crime.
  • JOM helps victims of crime.
  • JOM helps families of victims of crime.
  • JOM helps incarcerated individuals.
  • JOM helps incarcerated families of incarcerated individuals.

How long has JOM operated?

JOM began as a branch of the Archdioceses of Detroit Prison Ministry Program over 30 years ago.  In the fall of 2009 JOM started the current operations as an independent entity.  JOM is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

What are the organizations JOM partners with?

JOM is a member of the Michigan Non-Profit Association.  JOM works in tandem with the Oakland County Sheriff.  JOM has over 200 faith-based organizations in the area that volunteer time, give donations, and program with JOM.

How is JOM funded?

JOM has been licensed as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, tax exempt, public charity.  JOM receives funds and essential items from items from individuals and organizations that partner with JOM.  JOM regularly applies for grant opportunities from local, state, and national organizations.

How is JOM administered?

JOM is the only organization in Oakland County that deal exclusively with JOM has a board of directors. The Board of directors is made-up of individuals with years of experience with supporting those effected by crime.

How many individuals does JOM help?

JOM has many programs.  There are individuals that walk into the office.  There are seasonal programs.

May I visit the JOM offices?

Yes.  The JOM offices are located in Pontiac, Michigan on Woodward Avenue.  You can contact us at JOMemail and JOM phone number.

Do JOM clients pose a threat to volunteers?

In over 30 years of prison ministry in Oakland County there has never been a problem between a volunteer and a client.