About Jail & Outreach Ministry

Celebrating the Past, Creating the Future

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Our Mission

Jail and Outreach Ministry is an all inclusive ministry organization.  We serve and minister to all individuals affected by crime—-victims, offenders, families.  We provide hope and healing through an approach to the total person that encompasses quality care, attention to individual spirituality, emotional well-being, and human dignity.

Our Purposes

Charitable Purpose. JOM is incorporated as a domestic nonprofit corporation in the State of Michigan and is organized for charitable, religious, and educational purposes under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code or any future corresponding federal tax code.

Purposes. The purposes of JOM, through direct service, education, and advocacy, are to:

  • support a professional, certified chaplaincy within institutions.
  • provide outreach with a particular focus on jails and juvenile detention. 
  • develop and support volunteers within institutions with a particular focus on jails and juvenile detention. 
  • create a place to heal and a place of hope for all individuals affected by crime.
  • develop resources to educate, develop services, develop information, and develop referrals for individuals and the community affected by crime.
  • support advocacy for restorative justice through increased communication with decision makers.
  • reduce and positively impact recidivism.
  • establish a network and database of partners.
  • connect faith groups and the community with the incarcerated.

Our History

The Criminal Justice Ministry has been in existence at the Oakland County Jail for nearly 30 years. Peggy Devaney, IHM has served as the Co-chaplain (Catholic) since the ministry was begun. She has had several ministers serving with her over the years. The other Co-chaplain (protestant) is currently Martha Limbaugh.

Why JOM?

Persons affected by crime:

  • Immediate victim(s)
  • Victim(s) families
  • Inmates families
  • Local community
  • Community at large

Crime Statistics:

  • 1,750 incarcerated in Oakland County Jail.
  • Number on an average day: 1,750
  • Average  admissions per year: 25,900
  • 40% of incarcerated are High School dropouts.
  • 1 in 4 indigent inmates are released with only a Bus Ticket and  25 cents.

Who are we?

  • There are 32 Protestant Churches involved in Jail Outreach Ministry (JOM).
  • There are 280 Protestant Volunteers from those Churches.
  • There are many other Volunteers from the Catholic, Jewish, Muslim and other Faiths.
  • There are 48 Catholic Churches involved in JOM.
  • There are over 100 volunteers working in the Jail, office, liturgy and outreach.
  • Seasonal projects include many more volunteers.

Catholic Church involvement includes:

  • Knights of Columbus
  • Knights of Malta
  • Manressa Interns
  • Seminarians from Orchard Lake
  • Retreat Centers
  • Jesuit Novices
  • Chaldean

Jewish involvement includes:

  • 4 Rabbis volunteer; 2 come out regularly.
  • Others are on call when needed.

Islam Involvement includes:

  • 1 Imam assures the needs of the Muslim Inmates.
  • 3 volunteers

Other Religious Presence for which no numbers are available:

  • Christian Scientist
  • Hindu
  • Buddhist
  • Jehovah Witness – 3 volunteers and 2 are regular visitors to the jail.

What we do


  • Conduct Services to those speaking:
  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. Arabic
  4. Vietnamese
  5. Chinese
  6. Certain Indian dialects

Individual visitation, counseling:

  • Offer hope and encouragement.


  • United Way (211)
  • 1-800-A-Shelter (Clearing Houses for Numerous Agencies)
  • CJM (Criminal Justice Ministry)

What’s next for JOM?

  • Legal Services
  • Medical Services
  • Psychiatric Services
  • Food & Housing
  • Transportation
  • Reconciliatory Relationships
  • Apostolic/Spiritual Counselors