Get Involved

Celebrating the Past, Creating the Future

JOM is always in need of your time and talent with our various programs. From visiting with inmates in the jail to working on such programs as the Christmas Holiday Project or the Back to School Project. Please consider volunteering your time – you are very much needed to do what the Lord said: “What ever you do for the least of mine, you do for Me.”

Is JOM calling you? Please consider …

  1. Every inmate group event in the jail requires a computer listing. At JOM, we need to document and create information related to service. Are you called to share your COMPUTER SKILLS at Jail and/or Outreach?
  2. Are you called to assist/share in CATHOLIC worship/prayer? Are you called to assist Sajid Sayed, our MUSLIM representative?
  3. Are you called to share your gifts related to GRANT & MINISTRY development?
  4. Are you called to assist with OFFICE and PHONE messages, as well as pastoral needs within JAIL and/or OUTREACH?

Thank you for reflecting & considering the call … EMAIL or 248-858-5475 or 248-338-9310.

JOM Also Needs Your Financial Support

The Jail and Outreach Ministry is a new and all inclusive non-profit organization in Oakland County, Michigan. A unique aspect of JOM is that it will support and sustain the Oakland County Jail Ministry which has been serving victims and offenders, and the families of both, for the past thirty years. JOM, as an organization, will continue support of the jail chaplaincy, as well as, focus and implement the key elements of restorative justice. JOM will provide a structure to embody the Oakland County Jail Chaplaincy as it has developed over the years and as it promises to expand its services in the years ahead. We are counting on your continuing support.

Please follow this link to donate.